Friday, December 23, 2011

You are NOT Agile if there's no Test Driven Development

Yes YOU. Company, team, manager or programmer.

You tried to tell me your job requires "Proven track record in delivering features in agile environment". You listed in your linked in profile that you have "Extensive experience with Agile projects". You describe your company as "Practising the latest Agile development techniques".


If you're not doing Test Driven Development you're not agile. You're not Scrum. You're not XP. You're not Kanban. You'd be lucky to be classified as LEAN.

Okay so TDD didn't make it into the Manifesto and maybe it should have. But all the ideas that built towards that manifesto included TDD as a key part of how programming should be done. You can argue about being 80% agile or that an agile technique for one company shouldn't be identical to the next. Fine! But you damn well better have TDD front and centre of that plan!

Why is it so important? Because agile development isn't about changing management practises. It's about changing ALL your practises and that programmers are the most important part in developing software. Let me say that again because I think a lot of companies like to ignore it. Programmers are the most important part in developing software. If your programmers are doing the same thing before agile as they are after except for a few meetings they go to then nothing of substance has really changed.

So quit the bullshit. I don't care if you're not doing any agile techniques. Or if you like to call your regular meeting a "scrum" or a "standup". Just don't tell me you ARE practising agile and wonder why my jaw drops when you say "oh we sometimes write a few tests but we never to test driven development".