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Coaching is a transferable skill

It's been interesting over the last year for me as I explore where coaching for software teams and  coaching for sports people overlaps. This year I got to be coach for a Roller Derby team which is the first time I've called myself a coach for more than a brief workshop. In my day job I'm involved in many activities that have nothing to do with coaching so I rarely call myself an Agile Coach. But to that sports team I am the coach. And while  I've been involved with Roller Derby for 5 years I have very little training in coaching sports teams so I started applying all the things I've learned coaching software teams.

We built a manifest of shared goals
I can't take all the credit for this one as the team created one before I joined them as coach. But I couldn't be more happy with it as that was one of my first goals. I wanted something that helped defined who we are as a team distinct from other skaters and teams. I also wanted to spell out what our values we…