Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Should video games be addictive?

Now keep in mind I don't think games are addictive like drugs are. That's a rant for another time perhaps. But they are designed to keep you playing and playing and playing. Now for most people this is not a problem. You choose when to play and when not too. It's something you enjoy in moderation.

But some weak minded fools will ignore their significant other, stop showing up to work (or whatever) and allow personal hygiene to lapse.

Now you have never done that. I have never done that. But perhaps like me you've played a game just a little bit more. Just one more level. Just one more fight. Just let me hand in this gopher. Next thing you know the morning sun is streaming in the window. What happened?

You just had a damn good time! That's what happened. Stop freaking out. We've done it with that extended edition of Lord of the Rings. We've done it with a good novel and short chapters (just one more!) And we've done it drinking too much with friends. Get over it. Enjoy it. And wear sunglasses to work/school!

Will games get more additive? I sure hope so! I want games to get better. Games have been pretty good for a long time. If anything they're less addictive because it's easier to get a short burst of play out of them. People just don't have that much time to spend.